Everything I do is designed and built for each individual client. The first step is always rough sketches, sometimes that's a straight forward process other times it takes weeks of emails to finalize a design. My goal is to make you happy so it's no bother for me to take the time to get it just right.

Sample of Editing Bay sketches

Finalized Design

look at all the wood
After we agree on the design I have to work up an estimate which can take some time depending on how complicated the project is. Just sourcing the materials can sometimes be a challenge.
If the project is similar to something I've done before its easier for me to put an estimate together. If I'm doing something I've not done before I often ask for a minimal design fee of a few hundred dollars to cover the time.
A deposit of two thirds the estimate will get me started, the final payment is due upon delivery. An estimate is just that, but that number can fluctuate a bit due to unforeseen circumstances and/or changes made by the client once I've already started the work.

I will keep you apprised of my progress throughout the build with pictures and a few words so you know where I'm at. I often work on more than one project at a time so depending on the scope of the project and whatever else I may be doing it can take some time for me to complete your piece; it might be three weeks or it could be three months. I promise you its worth the wait, I take pride in my work and in the end I know you'll be very pleased.

The pictures in this section describe what goes into a project from the design process right through to the finish.

pivoting end

desk pieces

finished piece